Guardian Rom - Secure Android Rom

As of late I have been working on and experimenting with GRSecurity and Android. For those that don't know GRSecurity is a set a kernel patch that hardens the linux kernel (More info). What came of this is the Guardian Rom!


What is Guardian ROM?

Guardian ROM is a custom android ROM for Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 4 devices. The ROM is completely Open Source and based off of the Android Open Source Project. The ROM aims to due the following:

  • Secure/Harden the android kernel with GRSecurity
  • Remove uneeded/Insecure binaries (Similar to SecDroid)
  • Replace insecure Text Messaging app with TextSecure
  • Include apps from the Guardian Project Installer (Optional add-on)
  • Include support for SQLCipher
  • Change Android Full Disk Encryption from AES-128 to AES-256 for more security
  • Allow for seperate Login and boot passwords

All of these have been completed except the final three which are underway but will take much more time.


When will it be availavible?

The first build will hopefully be available for the Galaxy Nexus within a week. I am trying to find the time to push to git but sadly I have been extremely busy the past two weeks.



(Nexus 4 Running Guardian Rom)


Is this rooted?

NO!  The Rom is not rooted as that opens the device up to attack. I highly recommend you leave it this way too. If you must root it you can flash Super Su from a Custom Recovery (Check XDA-Developers for info).

Where can I get more info?

  • Send an email using the Contact Us Form asking to be notified when it's available.
  • Keep checking back to this page
  • Keep checking back to my twitter
  • Keep checking the Guardian Project (These guys are great and have lots of useful tools and articles).